Wheatpaste and Photoshop

Recently my interest has been piqued, inspired by another artist friend, to go out and wheatpaste some work up around the city. Wheatpaste, for those of you that don't know, is an easy and affordable way to create a glue that's perfect for any misdeeds you may need such a thing for. I picked up a few supplies to help with the deed: bleached enriched white flour, a squeeze bottle (for the size I am gluing this will be perfect to carry), a paint brush, and a squeegee brush combo (to help seal the work to the surface). You may need some type of sealant to protect your work. If your work has been printed on a inkjet printer, the base for wheatpaste is water, so without a seal to keep the ink from running your image will be unrecognizable. This extra step can be avoided by printing on a laser printer instead. I am going to have my laser prints done at Kinkos, so keep that in mind if you don't have a laser printer. Above is a Youtube video, giving you all you will need to know to cook the wheatpaste at home. 

I have created a few new pieces that I will be putting up around town. While mostly I'll be focusing on putting up originals I will also be spreading some of my favorite things around town. I am greatly looking forward to this. I'll post again once I have photos of some work up in town. Below are the works I have created for the endeavor. You can find two of them in the collage page of the site. Have fun and be safe -BR