Creativity and Fear

Creativity is an intriguing mistress for me, to say the least. She comes in big beautiful waves. I kneel at the mercy of the wind, to blow and for my sails to catch her. In order to ride in that wide open mental space, where time's presence fades, and all earthly cares fall away. A space so pure, so fulfilling, that some men go mad chasing her. Some men wall themselves from the world in fear of losing her beauty, others only know her from a passing encounter. She in all her cruelty is what I lust for. My devotion is selfish and naive, based on pleasure and longing. When she looks into my eyes I feel whole, I feel connected, and alive. I cling to the hope that she is there when I wake and when she is not, that the winds blow her home again.     

Tybee Island

I don't often find myself pulling out my camera while on trips, I feel it takes me out of the moment that I am often sharing with the people I am travailing with. With that being said, I managed to snap a few on a small trip to Tybee Island, just a few hour's drive from where I live. I'm not what you would call a beach person but after a stormy night the beach was intoxicating. The winds blew dry sand across the wet, stiff beach at our feet, they traveled like clouds floating down the shore. The sand they carried would sting the eyes if you let your head drop just low enough. An untouched beach after a violent night created an impossible number of unique tableaux, the terrain shifting every few feet to a new pattern and color.

Wheatpaste and Photoshop

Recently my interest has been piqued, inspired by another artist friend, to go out and wheatpaste some work up around the city. Wheatpaste, for those of you that don't know, is an easy and affordable way to create a glue that's perfect for any misdeeds you may need such a thing for. I picked up a few supplies to help with the deed: bleached enriched white flour, a squeeze bottle (for the size I am gluing this will be perfect to carry), a paint brush, and a squeegee brush combo (to help seal the work to the surface). You may need some type of sealant to protect your work. If your work has been printed on a inkjet printer, the base for wheatpaste is water, so without a seal to keep the ink from running your image will be unrecognizable. This extra step can be avoided by printing on a laser printer instead. I am going to have my laser prints done at Kinkos, so keep that in mind if you don't have a laser printer. Above is a Youtube video, giving you all you will need to know to cook the wheatpaste at home. 

I have created a few new pieces that I will be putting up around town. While mostly I'll be focusing on putting up originals I will also be spreading some of my favorite things around town. I am greatly looking forward to this. I'll post again once I have photos of some work up in town. Below are the works I have created for the endeavor. You can find two of them in the collage page of the site. Have fun and be safe -BR  

Oakland Cemetery

Walking through Oakland Cemetery reflecting with the camera. What a beautiful, quiet place to walk. I always love the time by myself to clear out some thoughts. 

New Blog for Sharing New Work

I'm starting this blog as way to share more content that may not fall under any specific category. This should be a great way for me to share a broader spectrum of my work, and perhaps a little bit of myself. This seems to be as good a place to start as any, a hand-cut stencil I created a while back. It now hangs covering the glass above our loft's front door.