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Application Process  

Who’s in the Club: 

The TIASC is looking for Atlanta based (OTP welcome) serious visual artists, with an alternative “fine art” bent, that are looking to connect and grow.

All mediums are welcome: Sculpture, Photography, Painting, Collage, Illustration, Printmaking, Street Art (but not limited to)   


 The purpose of TIASC is to give serious artists a place to connect and learn. Each meeting will have a set objective, known ahead of time, so the artist can prepare for said event.

 Objective will vary widely, while all pertaining to art and art practices.

 Overarching objectives, but not limited to:

 Art critiques (group led), Marketing tips and techniques (I.G., Facebook, Website, etc.), Inspiration (group watched movie, group read reading material, music, another artists’ work, etc. Think show and tell, Power Points would be nice), Group gallery visits and show openings, Social meets, Networking tips and techniques, Art/Artist opportunities (magazine entries, gallery calls for artist, Free art Fridays, Networking opportunities, other art events/groups that facilitate continued growth and learning (Creative Mornings Atlanta etc.), Accountability goals and objectives.

Become a Member:

To become a member of TIASC please send work (website, jpegs, etc.) to:

After evaluation you will be contacted with further information.